Ok, so the title is rather aggressive, but I can’t stress how important physical activity is for type 1 diabetics. But don’t panic, I’m not talking about starting a new Tour de France training regimen. Keep it simple. If you can find the time, incorporate some exercise in the morning. This will help set the tone for the rest of the day. I think you will find that your insulin requirements stay low all day and blood sugar is easier to control. After meals, try not to sit down. Go for a walk, do the dishes, take out the trash, or go play with the kids. Sitting down after a meal can make your blood sugar hit the ceiling in a hurry. If you are a kid, this advice is easy to follow. Kids like to play all the time. However, if you just took a large bolus of fast-acting insulin to cover your meal, be careful! Exercise makes your body’s cells very sensitive to insulin, so the danger of crashing after taking fast-acting insulin is high.

Eating foods on the paleo diet is helpful because it’s hard to know how much activity is planned following a meal. After dinner on most nights, my family and I like to go for a walk. However, if it starts snowing or a flash flood comes through, we’re probably not going to leave the house. So, sitting inside may not result is abnormally high blood sugar levels if we ate a meal consisting of lean protein and vegetables, and I took little to no insulin to cover it. I can’t explain how amazing and “normal” I feel after eating a meal like this and then not having to worry about my blood sugar no matter what kind of activity our little family decides to do right afterward. I don’t have to stop everything to drink some juice or stop to check if my blood sugar is going high. I can just participate without the worry.


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