What’s for Breakfast?

Despite compelling research into Type 1 and 2 diabetes by well-meaning and competent researchers, the basic problem still persists . . . What’s for breakfast? How am I going to balance food, insulin, and energy in order to get through this day? A pill to cure T 2 diabetes and drinking coffee to avoid getting it in the first place as well as exciting research toward a vaccine for T 1 diabetes miss the underlying problem. I believe we are all eating fundamentally wrong. I don’t believe our bodies were designed to eat grains for every meal of every day. Until we turn our attention to the underlying cause of diabetes, pills and patches will serve as little more than Bandaid placed over a gaping wound.

Advice coming from a person without diabetes has to be taken with care. Simply lowering blood sugar is NOT the end-all goal of every diabetic. It’s a balancing act from hell, and I stand by my solution until something better comes along. As for breakfast? This morning I had about a quarter-pound of lean, grass-fed beef with half an onion, some mushrooms, half an avocado, garlic, salt, and olive oil. Aside from my daily injection of Lantus (long-acting basal insulin), I took no insulin at all, and my blood sugar stayed in the upper 90’s for the next 4 hours. This is the advice I want to put out there for people trying to get through their day TODAY. I know it’s exciting to talk about a pill to cure diabetes, but it’s not here yet. And when it does come, do you really want to medicate yourself to fix a metabolic disorder brought on by a fundamentally flawed diet?


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