Know Your Blood Sugar

If you have type 1 diabetes (T-1), then you understand that your blood sugar can fly all over the place. The only way to understand how certain foods impact your blood sugar or how sickness, stress, exercise, lack of sleep, or the myriad of other factors in your daily life affect your blood sugar is by checking it frequently. I use the One Touch Ultra blood glucose meter which seems to be accurate, consistent, and fast. I check my sugar 6-8 times daily on a normal day and up to 12-15 times daily on days outside normal routine. I don’t use a continuous glucose monitoring system (CGM) because I spend a lot of time in a pool. For those that are using one, however, I think these can be fantastic tools to help you get to know your blood sugar. Medtronic makes one that is currently sold in the U.S. and works with their insulin pump.

The bottom line is check frequently. By eating a strict paleo diet, I have some additional peace of mind that I will find my blood sugar where it should be the next time I check it. I get nervous every time I eat a food like rice because of the drastic blood sugar swings that can result from eating such foods. In addition, taking large amounts of insulin to cover such foods can often result in periods of hypoglycemia.

In addition to checking blood sugar frequently, I suggest checking in mentally with other systems in your body as well. Constantly check to see how your hunger and energy levels coincide with blood sugar levels. After a while, this will help you ball-park your blood sugar levels based on external measurements without having to break out your blood glucose meter.


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