Some more food details

As promised, I want to provide some actual details of my food intake and insulin requirements for folks like me who like to see what other T-1’s are doing.

First, today is August 10, 2013. Last night, my family and I toasted to my 10 year stroke anniversary. It was a humbling experience to listen to my family recount their experience 10 years ago during the stroke and ensuing months that changed all of our lives. The love and the sacrifice that poured from all of them was awesome.

Anyway, I woke up this morning with a pretty low blood sugar (59). I ate a banana and took my morning dose of Lantus (10 units). I headed to the pool for a 90-minute workout where I sipped some sports drink containing a little sugar and electrolytes. I know this drink is not strictly paleo, but during long workouts, I need some fast acting carbohydrates. We were out of O.J., so this was the best I had. After the pool workout, I headed over to Whole Foods for some breakfast (bacon, eggs, and potatoes and a cup of coffee). Two hours after eating, my blood sugar was a little high (159). Although I took one unit of Novolog to cover the potatoes, I guess it wasn’t quite enough. Perhaps two units would’ve done the trick.

I went to the gym a couple hours after breakfast, lifted weights, then came home and had some lunch. Lunch was a gigantic salad containing a head of green leaf lettuce, half an onion, half an avocado, one carrot, 8 strawberries, a handful of macadamia nuts, salt, pepper, vinegar, and some EV olive oil. I took two units of Novolog to cover this and dug in. It tasted wonderful, and I feel confident I got as much nutrition into my body as I could muster. It is now two hours since eating lunch, and my blood sugar is a solid 102. I’m confident it will stay at this level for another couple of hours.


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