A1C < 5

Healthy people without T1 diabetes have a hemoglobin A1C below 5.0. Doctors tell diabetics to get theirs below 7.0. I realize it’s harder for a T1 diabetic to achieve lower A1C test values, but why shoot for a level considered sick for the healthy public?

Although I have not yet achieved a 4.9 on this test yet, it is my goal. It means I have to keep my blood sugar lower than 90 on average. That might sound ridiculous and dangerous to any diabetic, but if you change your diet, it’s possible.

This morning, I had 3 eggs fried with some butter and garlic. Then, I went on a bike ride with my wife for about 45 minutes. From the moment I woke up till we got back from our bike ride, my blood sugar stayed between 80-90. It takes some practice and a lot of toying with basal insulin levels, but a stable, low blood sugar is how you want to spend most of you day. It will help you avoid the risk of complications down the road and keep your metabolism functional.

There are tweaks that one must make to a strict paleo diet based on activity level. Everyone is different, and one way of eating isn’t right for everyone. The paleo diet is a strong foundation, though.

I swim 3-4 mornings per week, and this involves high-intensity interval training. I will supplement with fruit to get through a hard workout and afterward to aid in glycogen restoration and speedy recovery muscle fatigue and breakdown. On mornings I don’t swim or exercise, little to no carbohydrates (except from veggies) is necessary. Fat, protein, and fiber will keep me going for hours without worrying about my sugar being too high or low.


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