Timing is critical

A strict paleo diet can help the T1 normalize BG levels and optimize cholesterol numbers. These are some of the reasons I encourage a paleo diet for T1’s. However, it need not be low carb, but I’ve learned that the timing of those carbs is critical.

For one to two hours following an intense workout, I have found carbohydrates in the form of fruits and or sweet potatoes do not spike BG levels and help tremendously in my recovery.

I have also found that consuming fruit during long endurance type exercise can maintain BG levels without the spikes. If I go for a long walk or bike ride, I’ll pack a fruit and nut bar or an apple or orange. I typically go for the Kit’s Organic Fruit and Nut Bar simply because they have so few ingredients and are friendly to the T1 paleo eater.

Other than the period right before, during, and immediately following a workout, I tend to avoid carbs all together with the exception of non starchy vegetables. In fact, on days I don’t exercise, I tend to eat very few carbs at all making it very easy to keep BG levels under 100.


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