Disaster – Hypoglycemia

A couple Saturdays ago, I had a great workout at the gym. It was a very intense lifting routing involving low reps and a whole lotta weight. It felt great. When I got home, there was talk of going out to dinner so I didn’t think about eating my post workout snack. Furthermore, my BG was a solid 120 (it rose slightly during my intense workout at the gym). I got ready to go and checked my BG again on my way out the door – 85. Ok, it’s coming down, but we’re on our way to the restaurant. Long story short…there was traffic, parking was slow, we had to switch to another restaurant due to a long wait time etc. I don’t remember actually walking into the restaurant. I don’t know what my BG came down to, but it was ugly. I was sweating profusely and not making any sense.

Needless to say, I felt pretty stupid. First, I knew that following a workout, muscles are starved of sugar and the body becomes sensitive to insulin. What I miscalculated was the extraordinary depletion that can result from a very high intensity workout.

The take away message is this. Following an extremely intense workout, check your BG often and have a small snack. It could be as little as half a banana. It doesn’t take much. Just for clarification, a long run, though exhausting, is not what I’m referring to as a very intense workout. I’m referring to short, highly intense, bursts of energy output.

Don’t be fooled by the temporary rise in BG levels. Without a small snack, your BG could come crashing down FAST! Be careful out there.


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