Fat Loss Trick

I’ve been playing with this trick on days I don’t workout in the morning. Be careful with your insulin, you’ll most likely need no fast acting insulin at all and you might have to pull back on the long acting as well. If you’re on a pump, just dial back and check your BG often. 

Try eating no carbohydrates at all for breakfast and go easy on the protein. The result will be a high fat, moderate protein, zero carb meal. For example, a few mornings last week, I ate two fried eggs in butter, and stirred about half a cup of coconut milk into my coffee. This meal contains a lot of healthy saturated fat (gasp!). If you can get pastured eggs and grassed butter, there will be far fewer toxins and the fat will contain a better ratio of essential fatty acids. The reason you don’t want too much protein is because excess will get converted to glucose which is not in line with our fat loss goal. Throughout the rest of the day, eat your typical real food diet. It’s an easy little trick that doesn’t take a lot of time, but it’s pretty effective. 

The first time I tried this, my BG stayed really flat (around 90), but I felt pretty hungry. It wasn’t a gnawing, craving type hunger. I think it’s the body’s attempt to learn to switch to fat for energy. This is what you want to train your body to do…be a fat burning machine. I don’t suggest this if you plan to workout or be intensely, physically active. Again, check your BG often and be prepared to dial back on the insulin.

By the way, I’ve heard of some T1’s whose BG goes up while eating a high fat, low carb, moderate protein diet. So don’t forget to check it often.


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