More On Stress and BG

We all know that stress and hormones play a huge role in insulin sensitivity and thus, BG levels. I wanted to share a quick observation regarding stress, BG, and coffee in the morning. Don’t worry, I’m a fan of coffee and I’m not here to tell anyone it’s a bad thing. Coffee will stimulate cortisol production which can provide a helpful little boost in the morning. The body will naturally spike cortisol in the morning unless you have to wake up at a time your body disagrees with or you have issues with stress hormone management. The downside to stress hormones like cortisol is they cause slight insulin resistance which may require additional insulin to manage. In fact, a huge dose of caffeine from say Starbucks will spike my BG for a few hours, whereas a more standard cup of coffee brewed at home may have no effect on BG. Insulin resistance is the underlying reason behind why it is recommended that T1’s avoid cortisone injections or other steroid therapies.

Ok, here’s my observation. On mornings when I have to wake up early and get ready for work, my mood is a little more anxious than usual and a cup of coffee will add 50 points to my BG. On Saturday morning, under little to no stress, that cup of coffee has no impact on my BG. Ok, not a revolutionary observation, but a good reminder that stress plays a huge roll in this balancing act we take on every day.

On mornings I have to work, I’ve found it helpful to sit for just 3 minutes and focus on my breathing. It’s surprising how effective this is on BG.

Sleep is a biggy too, so make sure you’re getting the sleep you’re body wants.

Good luck out there and try to relax.


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