Is Your Meter Accurate

I recently had a wake up call of sorts with what I thought was my trusted BG meter that I’d been using for years. I’m not here to slam any particular brands or exalt others, but I do encourage all diabetics to check the accuracy of their BG meter against lab results. Technology has advanced to a place where BG meters should be within 5% of lab readings.

The last two blood tests I’ve had revealed a large difference between my One Touch Ultra and the lab results from my endocrinologist.  I was confident that my A1C was going to be in the low 5’s due to by BG meter’s 90 day average of 92 mg/dL When the lab reported an A1C of 5.7, I was a little confused. This is a difference of roughly 11%. Furthermore, I checked my BG about 2 minutes prior to my last morning blood test and found it to be almost 25% lower. (my Ultra: 110 vs. lab: 136) This was a bit surprising so I decided to call One Touch and get their response.

The customer support at One Touch, in my experience, has been amazing. The guy I spoke with asked me a zillion questions about my meter and testing methods in a sincere effort to help me figure out why my meter differed so greatly from that of the lab. He concluded that my meter should be replaced and sent me a free One Touch Verio. As soon as I got it in the mail, I ran a little experiment. Over the course of two weeks, I performed 25 random back to back BG checks using my old Ultra and then using my new Verio. My results are copied below. One interesting observation is my original Ultra is at or below my new Verio every single time. The last reading in the results below is the most shocking.

Anyway, I’m sticking with my new Verio because I believe it will track more closely with lab results. I plan to check my new Verio against my next lab result in order to confirm this. In the meantime, I encourage everyone to do the same. With a potential error 36%, as I found in one of my results below, this could really effect one’s choice of treatment.

In case anyone is wondering, yes, my fingers are sore.

Ultra Verio % Error
58 58 0.00%
77 79 2.60%
72 77 6.94%
77 83 7.79%
71 77 8.45%
52 57 9.62%
105 116 10.48%
88 98 11.36%
64 72 12.50%
75 85 13.33%
75 85 13.33%
133 152 14.29%
62 72 16.13%
68 79 16.18%
73 85 16.44%
88 103 17.05%
78 93 19.23%
79 96 21.52%
100 126 26.00%
127 164 29.13%
54 70 29.63%
53 69 30.19%
86 114 32.56%
62 84 35.48%
69 94 36.23%

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