Alternative Medications for Type 1 Diabetes

I recently watched a video lecture by Dr. Roger Unger where he explains his glucagon centric model of diabetes. I have to admit this video was stunning with regard to it’s potential to treat type 1 diabetes. Although the model appears solid, I think the challenge is developing drugs that can do the trick. In the world of T1 treatment, a cure seems far away still, but alternative drugs are appearing that are moving the field away from the treatment model of insulin only. Every T1 knows that insulin can save your life, but will never give you truly normal blood glucose levels.

A review of the latest alternative treatments for T1 were listed here in this article. Erika Gebel Berg, PhD does a fantastic job of explaining in plain language how these new medications work.

Check out the video above and read up on Dr. Roger Unger. I think you’ll find his work pretty stunning.


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