Functional Medicine

Maintaining tight blood sugar control is VERY difficult. Even if you weighed and measured every bite of food you eat, there are still a multitude of variables that are outside of your control. Perhaps you are fighting an infection that has made your body less  sensitive to insulin than normal. Perhaps you did an intense weight lifting workout in the gym this afternoon and your body is more sensitive to insulin after dinner than normal. There are countless variables at play when dosing insulin and most are outside our control. Perhaps, however, there was a way for us to discover foods that trigger large immune responses or inflammation. Perhaps there are supplements that could help balance hormones and thus blood sugar. Perhaps there are ways to help mitigate insomnia.

I have discovered recently that these are the questions best handled by a qualified functional medicine practitioner (FMP). An FMP should not replace your  current doctor(s). Last month, I discovered that I have some hormonal imbalances and some trigger foods that inflame my intestinal lining and are contributing to intestinal permeability. By following the diet, supplement, and lifestyle guidelines this doctor outlined for me, I’ve noticed slightly less variation is blood sugar swings. I fully expect blood sugar swings to minimize even further as treatment progresses.

The major downside of pursuing treatment with an FMP is the cost. Most don’t take insurance. If, however, you can find a competent FMP in your area, the upside could be life changing.

I found my practitioner at the Institute for Functional Medicine.


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